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Kindle Lighted Cover Black Keyboard ModelsWelcome to Kindle Lighted Cover where you will find the best covers to protect your Kindle from damage. If you are not looking for a case or cover, you will find reviews of all the Kindle eReader models that Amazon now offers including the new Kindle Fire models. The reviews will provide all the information you need to know about the device you are interested in.

We will provide links to customer reviews for each Kindle model so you can read what others are saying about the model you are considering on buying. We will provide the latest price for the models. They are subject to change by Amazon.

Kindle Lighted Cover will provide lighted covers for owners of Kindles so that they can use their Kindle eReader anywhere and at anytime regardless if its day or night.

If you are not looking for a lighted cover, we also carry covers, cases, and sleeves that are waterproof. A great way to protect your eReader from rain and other types of potential wet disasters.

Kindle Fire Case FitFolio Blue-GreenOwners of iPhones, Ipods, and Smartphones, we also carry waterproof and regular cases for these models to protect them from being dropped and from scratches as well.

There are many cases, sleeves, jackets, and covers to select from. Using the handy catalog sort, you can sort for a specific case, cover, sleeve, jacket, color, waterproof or by device type. You can get these wonderful case covers sleeves and jackets at very reasonable prices. A lot of these protective covers and cases are made of different types of leather.

Kindle Models

Below are the types of eReaders by Kindle and they are:

  • Kindle DX
  • Kindle
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Paperwhite 3G
  • Fire 7″
  • Fire HD 7″
  • Fire HD 8.9″
  • Fire HD 4G 8.9″

Just click on the appropriate link to learn more about these devices and and purchase one when you are ready.

Kindle Accessories

Kindle Case Purple Touch ModelWe offer more information on waterproof covers and cases, sleeves, lighted cover case, accessories and the devices.


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